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zuhne Turin 33 review

Zuhne Turin 33 Review (The Most Popular Sink of Zuhne)

There are many kitchen sinks in the market for both residential and commercial use. Some are only for one purpose and some are for both purposes.

Zuhne has brought a tremendous kitchen sink that can be used for both residential and commercial use and Zuhne Turin 33 Review will help you to know about this product a bit.

Zuhne Turin 33 is one of the safest and quietest kitchen sink in the world. It is built like a tank with a surgical-grade lead-free genuine 16G T304 stainless steel. Its quick drainage and dry helps to cook food fast by cleaning more dishes fast.

Zuhne Turin 33: Complete Review

It has 2 deep basins that allow you to hold more dishes and clean them all at once at your favorable time. It is extra deep which may be helpful for holding many pots and dishes for clean.

The most important benefit of the sink is its ability to stop water from splashing.


  • 2 sink bowl
  • Deep bowl
  • Easy drainage
  • Prevents water splashing
  • Built like a tank from industrial grade 16 Gauge T304 Stainless
  • Cabinet Space


  • Not adjustable to some kitchen appliances


Key Features That Made Me Think About It:

Sink Quality

Zuhne Turin 33 is built with surgical-grade lead-free genuine 16G T304 stainless. It ensures the sink’s strength.

Versatile Installation

The sink is very easy to install in any countertop. It doesn’t matter whether the countertop is laminated or butcher blocked.

This kitchen sink is also installable into Quartz, Solid Surface, Granite, Marble, Concrete and tiled countertop.

Multiple Configurations

It has the wildest collection of farm sinks. It has a tall curved apron, short straight apron, single and double bowls.

These make the kitchen room more speedy and comfortable.


Zuhne Turin 33 is one of the safest kitchen sinks in the world. It is made of non-toxic and lead-free materials.

It works with any disposer. So you can use it in both residents and commercial places for safety.


It has a very smooth drainage system. Its’ rear set 3.5” drain unlocks extra sink, countertop, and cabinet space.

So it can save your time by not waiting for you to draining the water.

It will help you save time. If it is for commercial use then it will reduce your pressure mostly.

Noise Reduction

It has best in breed insulation technology to reduce noise and helps you feel relaxed. Its brushed finished body also helps to reduce the noise.

So you can do your work silently whenever you want.

End Thoughts

Products with multipurpose are always helpful. Though there is a specialized kitchen sink in the market, you can take advantage of choosing the multipurpose kitchen sink for your probable need.

Hopefully, Zuhne Turin 33 Review helped you to choose.

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