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zuhne modena single bowl sink review

Zuhne Modena Single Bowl Sink Review

Lives are too fast now which requires fast work everywhere. So how can you think you can relax in the kitchen with your various works?

Our fast life requires fast cooking which can’t be possible if there is not rapid cleaning and swift preparation of food.

ZUHNE Modena Single Bowl Sink review will show you how a perfect sink can increase your speed in the kitchen, saves time and you can manage your fast life so easily.

ZUHNE Modena Single Bowl Sink is formed with surgical-grade SS which is known as T304 18-10 with a solid 16 gauge so there is no chance of rust to catch your sink.

Zuhne Modena Single Bowl Sink

It has a large basin to accommodate you with a bigger space to work. Its tight radius corners are easy to clean and dust can’t stay there. It is a sound-absorbing sink so you will have the privilege of gossiping with your friends or family while cleaning dishes.

It is compatible with maximum kitchen appliances and its proprietary accessories eliminate clutter and optimize space which gives you extra room for other things.

This kitchen sink can be converted into a workstation so you will need less space for your work and have to move less as you can chop the foods and clean them simultaneously.

Technical Specification:

Sink Dimension: 23×18×10 Inches

Cabinet Size required: 27 Inches

Material: T304 18/10 Stainless Steel 16 Gauge

Shape: Rectangular

Noise Defend Technology: Ultra Premium



  • Large Bowl
  • Sound Absorbing
  • Convertible into a Workstation
  • Easy Cleaning


  • Must Dry After Every Use To Keep Away Rust.


Features of ZUHNE Modena Single Bowl Steel Sink are described below:

Sink’s Material

The good quality of steel in the market which is known as T304 is used to construct this sink.

It is made with 16 gauge so there is a low chance of rust of the sink. This material keeps the kitchen sink away from rust, corrosion, dent or scratches.

Sound Absorbing

ZUHNE Modena Single Bowl Steel Sink eliminates the noise which is caused during the cleaning process and so you can keep cleaning and talk or gossip with family or friends.


ZUHNE Modena Single Bowl Steel Sink is a workstation kitchen sink that means you can convert the sink to a workstation by doing some simple changes and can chop your foods or redecorate the foods and wash them simultaneously.

It saves your time and energy both as you do not have to walk around for chopping and cleaning them afterward.

Drainage System

ZUHNE Modena Single Bowl Steel Sink is designed with a slight slope that forces the water to run to the drainage opening and the finish is so perfect that water does not want to stop and increase your problem.

Therefore you can enjoy the privilege of cleaning your pots and dishes without pooling the water in the sink.


This kitchen sink is designed to have extra depth in the sink bowl that gives you the privilege to keep the large pots and number of plates at a time. This saves your time for repeated walking or holding the dishes somewhere else.

Final Verdict

ZUHNE Modena Single Bowl Sink is one of the great kitchen sinks as it is convertible into a workstation. Today’s fast life really requires fast work and you should choose the easiest way to do your work fast.

Hopefully, ZUHNE Modena Single Bowl Steel Sink review satisfied your fast life’s fast problem.

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