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Types of Kitchen Sinks

Types of Kitchen Sinks [Details About Kitchen Sink Type]

A well functioning all elegant good looking kitchen sink can turn out to be the gem of a kitchen. Different people have different opinions of taste and choices where it comes to what types of kitchen sinks he/she is looking for.

So opt for a rustic look and some go for elegant looking ones. Some choose functionality over the looks, and some prefer the looks more even if they could compromise on some of the functions.

If you are confused in deciding which sink will be preferable for your kitchen, you got to know well about the categories of sinks.

Types of Kitchen Sinks – Know in Details

Different sinks have to offer different specifications and look according to it’s material and making and installation process.

Bellow, I’ll discuss the maximum of the top sinks that people prefer in their kitchen.

There are two ways types of kitchen sinks can be categories, one is considering the material and the other is how it is installed. We’ll discuss both of the ways of categorization for your convenience.

Category Based on Material:

Types of kitchen sinks based on Material like –  porcelain, fireclay, stainless steel, cast iron, and Granite.

#1. Farmhouse or Apron front sink

The farmhouse sinks are also familiar as the apron front sink is a deep sink mostly made in a square shape with the material or fireclay or porcelain.

The main characteristic of farmhouse sinks is that they are a bit in front of the actual cabinet of the kitchen, which allows eliminating any kind of damage caused by water dripping to the cabinet below the sink.

This kind of sinks gives a relax farmhouse type of look to the kitchen interior.

Made out of fireclay or porcelain, these sinks are mostly white in color and easy to clean.

Farmhouse sinks can be one bowl or more than one bowl that is a separate one for rinsing.

To give an elegant look to your kitchen you might choose a farmhouse sink.

Stainless steel

Stainless material sinks are the most popular kitchen sinks for most of the people as it is the most cost-effective and easy to install sinks and also the cleaning is easy of steel sink.

An SS sink can be placed in any kind of kitchen and is enough durable.

For a hassle-free and quick installation, people tend to go for steel material sinks.

These sinks also come in a single bowl and double bowls. Because of its flexible material they are versatile in shapes too.

Square rectangle even round share steel sinks can be seen in different kitchens.

So, if you are in a hurry for a sink and also don’t want too much hassle you can choose the steel sink.

Granite Sinks

Granite sinks are a different kind of sinks considering its looks, features and installation processes.

They are made with granite particles mixed with bonding agents that make a seamless surface.

Like other sink materials, this sink is not made with a one-piece attribute.

So, it has a versatile way of adapting to different shapes according to your countertop.

Speaking of its features if you want a sink that is almost silent when used, you can definitely go for this one. Its dense texture makes water drips almost silent.

A granite composite sink is less prone to scratches and chips as it is a one-piece material.

You can use a mild cleanser and soft scrubbing fabrics to clean it regularly but it’s not encouraging to use metal or wire material scrubbers.

Cast Iron Sink

Cast iron sinks are made out of solid iron metal and are very heavy to maneuver.

People who want a heavy-duty and very long-lasting kitchen sink, they opt for cast iron sinks.

It provides a very rustic and vintage look to your kitchen. Some cast iron sink as to offer a porcelain coating over the cast iron sink to provide a more elegant look.

The coating of the porcelain material has to be maintained as a regular porcelain sink.

But the cast iron material beneath it makes it a bit more prone to scratches than other sink materials.

These were the kitchen sinks according to the materials they are used to make; Bellow is the categorization of sinks according to the installation process and placements. 

Types of kitchen sinks Category Based on Installation:

Types of kitchen sinks based on Material like –  Undermount, Top mount, Corner, and Island.

Undermount Sinks

Undermount kitchen sinks are mostly stainless sinks that are mounted below the surface of your kitchen counter. To create a seamless look with the countertop creating a continuous kitchen counter.

This type of kitchen sink gives a clean and neat look to your countertop as there are no gaps or grooves to catch food particles.

Top Mount Sinks

This is the most popular kind of kitchen kind that you find in a regular household.

Top mount kitchen sinks are opposite to undermount kitchen sinks, as it is easy to install and doesn’t need any critical installation procedure.

People who prefer an easier installation, and most likely choose to install by themselves, choose top mount stainless kitchen sinks.

Corner Sink

Corner sinks are mostly preferable to people who want the maximum usage of their counter space. So they utilize  the corner of the kitchen counter for the spot for the kitchen sink to be placed.

It is a sink that is a bit difficult to install but once you got it right, it gives a very unique look to your kitchen. So, if you opt for a corner sink.

Kitchen Island Sink

Kitchen island a kitchen with a good amount of space in the middle of the kitchen whilst having enough space to walk freely.

There is a different counter build only for the kitchen sink. The place including some extra countertop space in the middle of a kitchen always recommended.

For an overall elegant and classy looking kitchen people go for this kind of sinks.

This is probably for the difficulty of all installation procedures. This requires another counter to build with all plumbing tasks.

Yet, the after result is definitely worth it.

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Kitchen sinks may be different based on their materials. You already learn about this before on this post. Types of Kitchen Sinks also introduced. Hope this will help you to take decisions while buying kitchen sinks.

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