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Top 7 Tectonite sink review: A Complete Buying Gide

As you may know the kitchen is the most important part of our home and the sink also places in the most important part of the kitchen. The majority of our kitchen time will go behind the food & vegetable wash, dish cleaning, etc. That’s why you definitely need a kitchen sink that offers durability and easy to maintain.

When you are looking for the best quality in the kitchen sink arena, tectonite sinks offer many blissful features like eye-catchy design, synthetic materials, scratch & fade resistant, multiple color, etc. Though there are multiple sinks, this tectonite sink review will help you to choose a better one from those alternatives.

 What is Tectonite sink?

The combination of the three elements gives tectonite. They are Sheet Mold Compound (SMC) in fiberglass, polyester-based support material, and carrier.It has chemically fused with the third generation powder coating on the mold to make the sink resistant to paint, scratches, heat, and abrasion.

Are Franke Sinks Good Quality?

Frank Sinks are really good just because of the premium features of tectonite material. And that is,

· Highly Resistant

Tectonite is resistant to heat around 300 ° C. Although tectonite is lightweight, it is more repellent to vibration and shock than similar materials. This way, even if you throw something at it, you are less likely to get scratched or chipped.

· Just Clean It Up

The coated surface of the Tectonite sink can prevent it from bacteria and stubborn stains. Use a non-abrasive bleach-free cleanser for regular use. You have to apply with a fine damp cloth, and then rinsed with clean water and dry.

· Vivid Forever

The protection from ultraviolet radiation will not let your tectonite to fade. Even after many years, your sink may be a similar color as the day you installed it.

Tectonite sink review 2020:

Franke developed the chart to categorize the numerous materials based on their performance attributes for each class. In our tests, we find tectonite, highly resistant to stain. Let’s see our 7 best tectonite sink reviews.

1.  Franke Sirius Sid 610 114.0476.406 Integrated Sink Tectonite

 Sirius SID 610 by Franke is a built-in kitchen sink with a tectonic bowl. Its weight is around 14.21lbs and fits base units around 23.6 inches. The things that have made it the top product on our list are resistant to temperature, discoloration, and acids. Also, it ensures the safety of foods.The stainless steel element of the sink provides an elegant, silky look. Also, it looks shiny all day. This sink has come out with a stone gray color.

Surely, you need not to think more about the maintenance. The overall dimensions of the Frank sink are about 22.05″ x 20.87″ x 7.87″. Also, the bell size is about 490 X 370 X 200 mm.This sink does not have a drain section, but it has a circuit breaker and a round button. You will find a hole of 35 mm. However, the overflow is closed.


  • Easy to clean
  • Contain stainless still for a shiny look
  • Resistant to temperature


  • We didn’t find any cons of this product.

2. Franke OID 611 – 18 114.0286.447

The Franke OID 611 is a beautiful kitchen sink with a tectonic bowl, suitable for 45 cm wide base units. The sink is matt black without reflections. And that makes it looks and feels first class. Moreover, the sink is heavy and compact. The sink’s external dimensions are 780 x 500 mm and an overall dimension 30.71″ x 19.69″ x 7.09″. Also, the bell size of the sink is about 350 mm X 430 mm X 180mm.

Moreover, you will get two drilled holes. For the tap, you will find one and one for the automatic drain. This might be great for some buyers. Also, it is easy to fix on-site, but for users looking to decide what they need. However, you may find a closed sanitary kit as standard, and if you want a compact siphon, I recommend buying it separately.


  • Easy to install.
  • Looking gorgeous.
  • Easy to keep clean.
  • Two drill holes
  • Stainless steel for shiny outlook


  • The manufacturer didn’t explain the installation process clearly.

3. Franke OID 651 114.0476.403

The Franke OID 651 114.0476.403 is another great insert sink by Franke. Moreover, this product has external dimensions of 1000 mm x 510 mm. And the overall sink dimensions are 160 mm x 370 mm x 140 mm or 340 mm x 440 mm x 190 mm.The sink has two drill bowls of 35mm. It can strain 3.5 inches overflow, and the overflow is covered. Also, it may fit up to 8 inches/60cm.

Don’t need hassle about the maintenance. In fact, it is easy to maintain. The heat, acid, and fade resistant features have made it a good option.The sink is fantastic in light gray color. The shiny looks of the stainless steel are fantastic. Lightweight yet strong along with very large washing depth!


Also, you will have the draining board with an auto plug and round knob. It can be the replacement of a large steel sink so it can fit in the dishwasher. Nice color that blends in with the rest of the kitchen at a good price.


  • Light in weight but strong
  • Sink’s depth is very generous.
  • Easy to clean and dry.


  • Little bit pricy than other.

4. Franke OID 611 – 62 114.0476.310

Franke OID 611-62 114.0476.310 is a built-in kitchen sink with a tectonite bowl. This sink’s external dimension is 620mm x 500mm, and an overall dimension is 24.41″ x 19.69″ x 7.09″. Suitable for base units from around 45 cm!

The bell size is about 350 mm X 430 mm X 180 mm. You will find a draining board, a pull-out base, and a round button with this sink. Moreover, the sink contains stainless steel, which gives the sink an elegant, silky look. The color of this sink is stone grey. It not only looks good but also has the feature of heat, acid, and fade resistance.

This sink has two holes with a 35 mm diameter and an overflow for 3.5 inches covered area. The maintenance of the sink will not bother you. With a round shape and the features mentioned above, it has taken place on our list.


  • Maintaining is easy.
  • Temperature, fade and acid resistant.
  • Used color helps to avoid stains


  • The width is below the standard

5. Franke Sirius Sid 651 114.0181.979 

Franke Sirius Sid 651 is a beautiful kitchen sink with a tectonic bowl, suitable for main units 60 cm wide. The sink is matt black without glare. And that makes it look and feel great.In addition, the sink is heavy and compact. The sink’s external dimensions are 1000 x 510 mm, and the overall dimensions are 350 mm x 410 mm x 200 mm and 60 mm x 350 mm x 150 mm.

You will also get two holes. You will find one for the tap and the other for the automatic drain. This might be a great option for some buyers.

It’s also easy to fix on the spot, but for users who want to decide what they want. However, the kitchens with dark furniture painted black or gray look great and give off a granite texture. When combined with an onyx faucet, it is a sight to behold, but the faucet costs you almost like a sink.


  • Easy to care
  • Temperature, acid and fade resistant


  • Check out the transportation of the product

6. Kitchen Sink Sirius SID 110-50

Kitchen Sink Sirius SID 110-50 by Franke is a large built-in sink. The product has external dimensions of 525 mm x 440 mm. Also, the overall dimensions of the sink are 20.67″ x 17.32″ x 7.87″.The sink doesn’t have any drilling holes. You can apply a 3.5 ” overflow, which is covered. Moreover, the bell size is 498 mm x 408 mm x 200 mm. It also accommodates up to 60 cm. The dimension of the large bowl is 500 mm x 410 mm.However, it is easy to maintain. The heat, acid, and fade resistance is another incredible feature. Except draining area, you will find a round knob with auto plugging.

The sink in white polar is just fantastic. The shiny look of stainless steel is incredible. It worth every penny!


  • The size and depth is good.
  • Easy to care.
  • Fade and temperature resistant.


  • No draining area

7. Franke OID 611 – 18 114.0286.449

Franke OID 611 is the built-in kitchen sink with a tectonite bowl on our list. This sink’s external dimensions are 780 mm x 500 mm, and the overall dimensions are 230.71″ x 19.69″ x 7.09″. It is suitable for floor units of about 45 cm!The bell size is about 350 mm x 430 mm x 180 mm. This sink contains a draining board along with a round button and auto plug.The sink contains stainless steel as a construction material, which gives it an elegant silky look. The color of the sink is white. It not only looks good but also has the properties of heat resistance, acid resistance, and fade resistance.

At last, this sink has two 35mm holes and a 3.5″ closed area overflow. Sink care won’t bother you. Thanks to its round shape and the characteristics listed above, to have a place in the list.


  • Perfect for floor units from 45 cm
  • Easy to maintain
  • Heat, fade and acid  resistant


  • The drain system is low cost

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Buyers’ guide: Tectonite sink review

Indeed, it becomes difficult to choose a sink from the market because of lots of alternatives. Moreover, when you purchase the wrong sink, it is definitely not only time-consuming but also stressful. So, the wise decision is to do minimum research or read a buying guide alternatively prior to buying a sink.

Here on, we try to bring all the necessary information regarding kitchen sinks, and hopefully, you can easily choose a perfect one afterward.

Types of kitchen sinks:

As I have mentioned there are multiple varieties of the kitchen sink. And those variations depend on the sink’s shapes, designs, colors, materials or components, and sizes. In the following, we will clarify to you all those variations, so let’s see those.

Stainless steel kitchen sinks:

You will find this kitchen sink not only as expensive but also popular. That’s why you will find the stainless steel is used to make 70% of the kitchen sink. However, corrosion-resistant steel is used to make stainless kitchen sinks.Therefore, the sink will remain harder and free from the crack, wear out, and chip. Also, you can easily clean this sink and its non-porous surface to prevent bacteria and other nasties.

Acrylic sink:

Here is another sink type that is made out of polycarbonate plastic and can give any shape. Moreover, both resin and fiberglass are used herein to make this sink stronger. You will find this sink as durable, resistant to stain, and light-weight.

Copper kitchen sink:

If you want the appealing handcrafted looking, the copper kitchen sink will offer you that although it is not made by a craftsman.

Notably, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, antimicrobial copper can destroy more than 99.9 percent of bacteria that lies behind healthcare-related infections.

Apart from that, this sink will offer you durability, scratches and stain-free and easy maintenance.

Granite composite kitchen sink:

If you don’t like running water and placing dishes sound, you can use the granite composite kitchen sink. Moreover, this sink is durable, highly resistant to heat, stains and scratches, and uses a non-porous substance.

Fireclay sink:

This sink is made by molding the ceramic clay into the kitchen sink shape. Therefore, this sink will offer durability than other materials and will last for 20 years with proper care.Moreover, a resistant glaze is used as a coat that will make it safe from chipping and scratching.

Kitchen sink designs

 After choosing the sink type, you need to think about the sink design. As there are multiple designs, so, you may fall into a dilemma while choosing. Don’t worry; here we will try to discuss the variations, so you can easily choose one.

  • Single bowl sink (offers one basin and ideal for small space).
  • Double bowl kitchen sink (offer large space).
  • Top mount sink (offer drop in hole style, has lips or rims to hold the sink, and easy to install).
  • Under mount sink (offer mounted underneath style, doesn’t have any rims or lips, modern, and seamless appearance).
  • Apron front sink (style is traditional, and offer both single and bowl design).

Materials of the kitchen sink

The material should place in the top considerable list while buying a kitchen sink. Here we discuss those material types for the kitchen sink to make it easy for you.

Stainless steel: · Light in weight.

· Durable.

· Offer a stylish look.

Linen stainless steel: · This material offers a honeycomb texture that will resist scratch.
Ceramic: · Durable.

· Scratches resistant capability.

Glass: · Modern and stylish looking.
Composite quartz or granite: · Use two materials like granite and quartz.

· Solid and robust.


 The kitchen sink cost is largely associated with the sink material. When you buy stainless steel or composite sinks, you have to spend a hundred dollars. Whereas the cast iron sink doesn’t charge you more than those two.

Noise level

While buying a kitchen sink you may look at the nice resistant capability. Here the granite composite kitchen sink offers better noise resistance than the stainless one.


As you have to invest a good amount and time so, it will be wise to choose that offer durability. Here the stainless steel offers better durability than other materials.

The capacity of the sink

This another crucial point to consider while buying a kitchen sinks. If you can buy a large one, it can contain more dishes, fruit, and water for cleaning. Here is the list of the capacity of the sink that you should keep in mind

Depth It indicates the distance between the top bottom to the top of the sink’s rim.


Taper It indicates the inward slope of the sink’s every side from the bottom rim.
Radius It indicates the bottom and corners of the bowl where the sink’s bottom and side meet.

FAQ: Tectonite sink review


  1. Are Tectonite sinks any good?

Well, the Tectonite sink offers some blissful features like heat-resistant capability up to 300°C, light in weight, and so on.

Moreover, the Tectonite sink offers a good scratch-resistant capability. That’s why whenever anything drops on this sink, there is less possibility to display any chip or scuff.

  1. Do composite sinks scratch easily?

Basically, a composite sink comes with a very hard structure and offers good durability. Moreover, this sink is less likely to display dent, chip, or scratch. In addition, the Composite sink is also heat resistant and inexpensive than real granite to buy

  1. Why Franke Sinks become a good choice?

Franke sinks brand came to light in 1930 and from then it offers durability, reliability and high functionality. When you talk about the quality of franke sinks, it will offer supreme. Moreover, you will find this sink brand is as durable and unique in design.

  1. What is the most durable kitchen sink material?

Among the kitchen sink material list, stainless steel offers durability and long lasting features even with a higher gauge.  Moreover, this material is considered as one of the best materials for kitchen sink that rarely stains.

  1. What is the easiest sink to keep clean?

Easy cleaning features, hopefully, the top priority when people go for choosing a kitchen sink. When you wish to choose the sink that can clean easily, you will find the stainless steel.

Moreover, this sink is non-porous that’s why it does not contain the food debris and is resistant to stains. Though it can easily be cleaned and sterilized, you will find its extensive use in hospitals.

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Final Verdict:

A beautiful kitchen is a great way to impress your guests and family and make your home more enjoyable. When purchasing a new sink, you have to watch out for many things. That’s why we have made the options easy for you in this tectonite sink review.

As we mentioned, watch out for the best one, Franke Sirius Sid 610 114.0476.406. This kitchen has an elegant outlook with the necessary features. The others are valuable as well. So, take one for you today!

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