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Standard Kitchen Sink Size

Standard Kitchen Sink Size – Important 6 Points

Sinks can come in various shapes and sizes. But most of the sinks used in household kitchens are apparently similar in sizes.

This is because of the standard counter size that most of the kitchens today have.

In this discussion, we will talk about the standard kitchen sink sizes that are appropriate for your kitchen and the things you need to know before you decide about the appropriate size for your kitchen sink.

Kitchen sinks can have a variety of sizes regarding its usages. A kitchen sink can be as small as 7 inches and can even be huge as 70 inches. But all these types of sizes might not be appropriate for your kitchen.

You need to pick the one which matches different aspects of your kitchen including your budget.

Standard Sizes of Kitchen Sinks

Keeping in mind a standard kitchen counter the most common size of a kitchen sink is 22 by 30 inches.

And can be deep up to 8 to 10 inches on average. On average, a single bowl sink can stretch up to 30 inches wide.

The different kitchen needs different sizes according to the kitchen size and proximity of its usage.

There are some key facts you need to be aware of choosing the right size kitchen sink for your kitchen.

A wrong size kitchen sink can be a hassle as you need to adjust a lot of things on your countertop just to give it room.

The moreover uneven sized sink can look very clumsy on your kitchen. So, some knowledge for the sink size might turn out fruitful for you.

Point #01

The size or diameter of a kitchen sink can vary according to the sinks bowl numbers. The more the bowl the bigger it gets. If you compromise the size with the bowl numbers than that will not probably be of good quality.

That is, more bowls need a bigger length. Single-bowl sinks can be up to 30 inches long on average.

Next comes double bowl which is 48 inches on average and lastly triple bowl sinks that stretch up to 60 inches.

Point #02

Think about the depth before buying the sink. The deeper sink is probably useful as you can put a good number of pots and pans at a time.

But you need to consider the depth according to the length and width of the sink. Or else it will not fit properly.

Also, if the person using the sink is short in height it, will not be a good choice to buy a deep sink as reaching the bottom will be troublesome.

Point #03

Consider the size of your kitchen before buying a sink. You might think a bigger and deeper sink might be very useful for the kitchen but a bigger sink will not look good in a very narrow kitchen.

Sinks can be the main focus of the kitchen, so choose the appropriate one with the exact right measurement that suits your kitchen.

Or else not only the look but the overall daily functioning of a kitchen can get bothered.

Point #04

Take the exact measurement of your counter space first. You need to but a sink that matches perfectly with the counter space you have.

An error in finding the correct measurement can result in hassle while installing.

Also if installed than it can have issues like leakage or unevenness. So. Choosing the right sink size according to your counter place where the sink will be placed is a very crucial task that cannot be ignored.

Point #05

The size of a kitchen sink can be determined by observing the number of times in a day the sink is been used and also what purpose it’s being used for.

Some people have dishwashers and prefer to use the sink for general rinsing only. But some people do heavy dishwashing and scrubbing in the sink also soaks a lot of stuff in the sink.

Thus you need to figure out the purpose of the kitchen before you but it. You might not end up buying a heavy expensive bigger sink when you do not have many tasks to do in that.

Also, when you have a lot of things to do in the kitchen sink, and you go for a smaller one that also ends up in a hassle.

Point #06

And finally, the costing is the least significant point of all. Bigger sinks will eventually be a lot more expensive than smaller ones.

You need to focus on the previous points and then come up with a perfect budget for yourself to but the perfect sized sink.


Considering these key factors you can make sure that you got the correct measurement for the desired kitchen sink of your own. Amongst many sizes, you need to focus on what you need and work according to that.

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