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ruvati rvh9301 review

Ruvati rvh9301 Review (A Double Bowl Sink)

Working mothers have the most challenging work in the world. They have to maintain both the workplace and home at a time.

So, a working mother should reduce the time in the kitchen room while preparing the food and Ruvati RVH9301 Review will help them realize how this product will help them in their kitchen.

Ruvati RVH9301 is a workstation sink with a single-tier track. It is made with 16 gauge premium T304 Stainless steel that makes it strong enough to prevent rust or stain.

Ruvati rvh9301: Review and Features

It is a commercial-grade brushed finish that allows you to clean it easily. It is equipped with solid wood cutting board, deep stainless steel colander and dish dying roll rack up.

Ruvati RVH9301 allows you to move less as it is a workstation and it has the cutting board to shape your foods, colander to hold the shaped foods and wash them.

It has a basket strainer so that you can hold your shaped food in thereto let them dry.

It also has two bowls that allow you more dishes in the sink. Ruvati’s heavy-duty Sound Guard Undercoating and Thick Rubber Padding are in this model so it reduces most of the noise.


  • Double Bowl
  • Workstation
  • EdgeX 10 mm Tight Radius
  • Noise Reduction Technology


  • Converting into workstation sometimes creates problem.


Basic Features of Ruvati RVH 9301:


Ruvati RVH9301 is made with 16 gauge T304 Stainless Steel that ensures strength and prevent it from rust and dust. It is a brushed finish that allows your kitchen sink to hide scratches.


It is a workstation sink with double bowl.

Its’ overhanging lips in the front and rear act as a track for sliding the cutting board, colander dish dying roll rack up and convert the sink to a workstation. It helps to reduce the time in the kitchen.

Noise reduction

This product has Ruvati’s heavy-duty SOUND GUARD UNDERCOATING and THICK RUBBER PADDING that easily minimize noise and reduce condensation.


It is the sloped bottom and has a 3.5-inch drain opening which helps the water away so fast and it keeps your sink clean and dry.

Roll-up rack

Its’ roll-up rack is a versatile accessory. It is ideal as a drying rack. This roll-up rack is constructed with stainless steel bars and a flexible silicone frame that allows you to fold it or roll it up tightly for storage.

It is strong enough to hold dishes or pots and pans and keep the dishwasher safe.


It has Ruvita’s special 10 mm radius inside corners and a slightly curved corner for easy cleaning while at the same time retaining the resolutely modern look. Its’ ledge on the front and back used as a track for sliding accessories.

Double Bowl

Ruvita RVH9301offers deep and large bowls that allow you more dishes in the sink and you can separately clean them as a priority. Double bowls are so much helpful for commercial work.


From the variety of kitchen sinks, you should choose what will best fit in your kitchen by analyzing its features and your need not by its looks. So,

This Ruvita RVH9301 Review would help you to have the knowledge about this product’s basic and special features.

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