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kraus kbu14 reviews

Kraus kbu14 Reviews (A Deep Basin Sink)

There are many kitchen room products in the market. Among all of them, the kitchen sink is the most powerful one as it has the power to decorate the kitchen room perfectly.

In the various brand and also the variety of the sink model, finding the best one is a little hard but when have been here for this model, hope the Kraus KBU14 Reviews will assist you to understand the sink.

The sink is made with dent-resistant T304 stainless steel that makes it rust and corrosion-proof. It is commercial grade satin-finished so that the surface has a smooth feel and can be clean easily.

Kraus KBU14 is a quiet sink as it has the soundproofing technology of Kraus. It has a standard /3.5 inches draining opening which allows the water to run away fast.

It has gently round corners to make it easy to clean and the bowl is deep enough to put larger pots, pans and other dishes.


  • Deep
  • Dent resistant
  • Noise defend technology
  • Light weight
  • Non-Porous Corrosion-Resistant Surface


  • Nothin Found


Features of Kraus KBU14:


Kraus KBU14 is made of dent-resistant T304 stainless steel in TRU16 gauge which makes it strong enough for the kitchen and allows you to use it without any tension.

1.5 mm thick steel everywhere makes it so dependable that you may use it for a very long time until you replace it with a new one.

Smooth finish

It is easy to clean which will reduce your stress and save your time. Its’ commercial-grade satin finish resists dust or corrosion.

You can clean it only with water and spend less time cleaning the sink. You just need to use it in a disciplined way. You don’t have to clean it with detergent every day.


It is engineered for smooth drainage, with a gently sloped bottom that prevents standing water inside the bowl. It saves your time by allowing you to complete the work fast and use the time elsewhere.

Optimized Angle

Its’ optimized angle keeps glasses from falling when placed in the sink and so you will have the pleasure to clean your glasses without the risk of falling and breaking.

Gently rounded corners

The corners are gently rounded so that t can be cleaned easily and food dust does not stay there. After every cleaning of dishes, you just have to run water through the corners and it will be cleaned.

Quieter Sink

Kraus KBU14 has special Noise Defend soundproofing technology which can absorb vibration and reduce noise when the sink is in use.

It has extra thick sound-absorbing pads to absorb noise from dishwashing and waste disposal which can cover over 80% of sink base.

End Thought

The kitchen sink can make your kitchen room gorgeous or can make it so disgusting. It is your decision what will you choose for your kitchen. But hopefully, Kraus KBU14 Review was able to understand the features perfectly.

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