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Kohler Prolific Sink Reviews & Buying Guide

The kitchen sink is an integral part of a kitchen because it not only helps in preparing meals but also cleaning the associated items. Whatever we need to cook like vegetables, meat, or fish we need to wash before cooking. Moreover, the pans or pots that we use for cooking or taking meals, we need to clean after taking that particular meal. That’s why professional chefs or homeowners are looking for the best kitchen sinks to perform kitchen tasks efficiently. Among the various renowned kitchen sink brands, here we give Kohler prolific sink reviews.

Though the kitchen work requires a good amount of time, here the efficiency may shorten your average kitchen time. To ensure maximum efficiency, our selected sink offers some useful tools with the sink.

So, don’t be late instead read the review hopefully, it will assist you in installing a high-quality sink. We don’t finish this article with only the sink review instead we attach a buying guide that will help you to know batter about the sink.

Top 4 Kohler prolific sink reviews

Kohler is a renowned brand in the kitchen sink area. They have various types of kitchen sink segmented under the size, material, and so on. We don’t enlist all those instead we pick four based on the customer’s review, offering features, etc. to make this Kohler prolific sink reviews.


  1. KOHLER Prolific 33 inch Workstation Stainless Steel Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

 Do you want to create a highly functional kitchen work station with the prolific zinc and its included accessories? Our selected innovative stainless steel sink is welded with basin ledges at three levels that let you place the bamboo cutting board, wash bin, grated racks, and colander.

After installing that sink, you can wash items exactly where you want them. Moreover, you will find it easy to defrost meat or drain pasta. To facilitate our kitchen work, we need to place needy accessories at our desired height. Here you find the grated ledges that let you place the items at your suitable height.

During your kitchen work, making sound is a normal phenomenon. Moreover, if the sink is stainless steel, the kitchen work sound becomes annoying to someone. To relieve that problem, here use silent shield sound absorption technology that ensures less sound. Typically, a user wants to take service from a sink for a good amount of time, so here the used material is a matter of thinking. This sink is a composite of 18 gauge stainless steel that ensures long term usability.


  • Easy to install.
  • Use sound absorption material.
  • Clean up so easy.
  • The used material will ensure long term usability.


  • The sink surface is flat and may create some problems to drain water by themselves.
  1. KOHLER K-3761-NA Stages 45-Inch Kohler Kitchen Sink

 The sink is the most important part of meal preparation as well as cleanup of cooking items. Moreover, the more handy features your kitchen sink will have, the more efficient your kitchen work will be. Our selected KOHLER K-3761-NA Stages 45-Inch Kitchen Sink comes with several amazing features that have taken it in the ideal sink row.

This sink offers enough space (45” inches long and 18.5” inches wide) that hopefully, enough to perform multiple tasks in one platform. Moreover, the depth you will find herein is almost 10” inches- an ideal depth for a sink. Therefore, you don’t need to face trouble to place your big pot and pans in there.

Another plus point of this sink, it has a side platform that helps to prepare any food or dry the dishes and also allows keeping multiple utensils to facilitate the work. Also, here lies a versatile flip tray that helps in cutting, food preparation, and cleaning. The used material to make it is 16 gauge ss.  Notably, this material is staining and rust-resistant and won’t hurt by a hot pan.

The undermount design of this sink will give your kitchen a cooler look but you can’t get it at your first sight. This undermount design facilitates getting the dirt directly to the drain without much effort. Moreover, this sink’s sloppy surface will not let the water stay hence your sink remains stain-free. To ensure quiet kitchen work, here use silent shield sound-absorption technology.


  • Sloppy surface.
  • Use sound-absorption technology.
  • Resistant to staining and rust.
  • No faucet hole herein.


  • As its size is unusual, you may need to contact an expert to install it.
  1. KOHLER Prolific 44 inch Extra Large Workstation Kitchen Sink

One of the most important tasks in a day is to take the meal timely. To prepare the meal and clean up its associated items, we need a perfect kitchen sink. Here is our third sink named KOHLER Prolific 44 inch Extra Large Workstation Kitchen Sink. Here is what you will get from this extra-large rectangular size workstation.

The first basic feature a buyer typically looks at a sink is the sink size. This stylish looking sink is 44” inches in length and 18.25” inches in width. Hope that it is quite enough to keep the necessary utensils that boost efficiency.

Now, let’s look at the sink depth because it is important to wash dirty plates, utensils, and also for keeping big pots and pans. Here you will find 10” inches – many users regard it as ideal depth.

This sink offers an extra-large single bowl and it will lead to an uninterrupted workplace. Similar to the above two, here use 18 gauge as the material and it makes the sink durable and rust-free.

The weight of this kitchen sink is 57.5 pounds- in comparison to regular sinks, it is pretty much heavier. Users typically install their sink themself, but though it is heavy, you need assistance to install them accurately.


  • Large space.
  • Easy to clean
  • Here lies a single bowl that leads to an uninterrupted workplace.
  • Use durable material to make.


  • Pretty much heavy.
  1. KOHLER K-5409-NA Strive 29-Inch x 18-5/16-Inch Undermount Medium Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

 Generally, we take three meals and to prepare those we need to pass a long time in the kitchen. The majority of our kitchen time goes into the kitchen sink to clean up dishes and vegetables. So, to get maximum efficiency, you need to spend a considerable time choosing a kitchen sink. Here we bring a kitchen sink named KOHLER K-5409-NA and it hopefully meets your demand.

The 30 inches width is perfect to take your kitchen’s workload easily. Moreover, the sink depth is 9 inches, it will be perfect to place wash dirty plates, utensils, and also for big pots and pans.

As the material, here use 16-gauge stainless steel that will ensure maximum durability. Though you have to clean the dirty item in the sink, it is possible to become dirty, particularly the sink corner. You don’t need to face any difficulty to clean due to its curved corners. Here attached a fitted bottom basin rack that helps to protect it from broken glassware and scratches.

Also, this undermount sink offers a dishcloth bar/utility shelf that holds scrubbers, dishcloths, and sponges to perform the kitchen task efficiently. To reduce dishwashing noise, here use a sound-absorption system, so you can enjoy noise-free kitchen work.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to install
  • Using sound absorption technology.
  • Use durable material


  • A little bit pricey.

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Buying Guide

Till now, you get some idea on four types of kitchen sink from our Kohler prolific sink reviews section, here we our buying guide section.

Though the kitchen sink is one of the most expensive purchases of your kitchen, so here you need to be careful. Because the wrong choice not only wastes your money but also causes suffering. Moreover, kitchen sinks not only boost the kitchen tasks but also increase the kitchen’s beauty. Here we enlist those criteria that lead you to install the best sink in your kitchen.

Type of Kitchen Sink

 You may face difficulty while choosing a sink from its various styles, so here we discuss those variations.

  1. Drop-In Sinks

The drop-in sink’s installation is pretty much easy, all you need to just drop it in your selected place. One drawback you may face like water and grime can be trapped but proper installation and routine cleaning will reduce that issue.

  1. Undermount Sinks

The undermount sinks need to be installed beneath the kitchen counter then use brackets, clips, or adhesive to attach perfectly. The undermount sink’s trend is growing among the user.

  1. Flat rim sinks

You need to install this Flat rim sink onto tile countertops. Many users take it as an alternative to the higher cost of quartz, soapstone, or granite counters. The user can easily clean debris from the counter without facing any hassle. You don’t find enough color in this type of sink.

  1. Apron Front

Here you will find a flange that sits on the countertop just like a regular sink. Moreover, you can install it on any type of counter surface.


As you mostly use your sink for cleaning purposes, it may be possible to rust. Usually, we keep a hot pan on the sink. It may hurt the sink surface. Or if the sink becomes dirty enough, you need to clean. The good material keeps your sink safe from getting rust, getting hurt by a hot pan, and offers a cleaning-friendly feature. Moreover, you can use it for a long time.

That’s why you need special attention to the material. The majority of the Kohler sinks are made of stainless steel, but some come in different materials too. That’s why here we discuss all types of sink materials.


  • Stainless Steel: 

Most of the kitchen sink is a composite of stainless steel and it is very popular. Stainless steel made sinks offer lightweight, easy to clean, and durable features. Moreover, the manufacturer uses sound-deadening coatings and pads to ensure quiet kitchen work.

Notably, you will find both undermount and drop-in sink styles made from this material. The 16 to 18 gauge stainless steel is well known to make the sink sturdy and tough.

  • Copper:

You will find this material not only durable but also rust-free. Notably, a copper sink will keep your sink virus and bacteria-free due to its natural antimicrobial characteristics.

  • Granite:

A granite and acrylic blend is sprayed over a resin base to make this sink. After that, the sink becomes scratch and stain- free. Also, this material becomes heat-resistant to 537 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Cast Iron:

Solid cast iron is used to make the sink. Cast iron made sinks offer you sound-deadening qualities, long term durability, and heat resistance more than 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, you can clean it easily.

  • Fireclay:

This material is durable and fired at high heat to make a sink. Fireclay made sink resists scratches, chips and won’t fade.

  • Composite:

Composite sink offers scratch, chip, and stain resistance. Moreover, it is featured with sound-deadening properties.

  • Porcelain:

Porcelain sink is made of lightweight steel coated in porcelain enamel that makes the surface smooth and scratch and stain-resistant. Moreover, this type of sink can resist heat up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and features insulated backing to reduce kitchen noise.

  • Acrylic:

The molding acrylic material transforms into the shape of a sink and then strengthened with fiberglass or a composite backing for support and sound dampening. This sink offers an easy to clean, stain, and impact resistant facility. Notably, if any scratch falls herein, it can be removed by polishing depending on the scratch depth.


Number of Bowls

  • Single-bowl kitchen sinks 

When your kitchen space is not spacious, you can install a single bowl kitchen sink for cleaning and soaking pots and pans.

  • Double and triple bowl sinks:

This type of sink is ideal for a spacious kitchen room. Moreover, here a user finds a separate section for soaking, rinsing, or cleaning utensils.

This Kohler Prolific Sink Reviews has the standard quality of all the above. Hence, you should consider it.

Kitchen Sink Sizes

Kitchen sink size matters so much because it will help to boost your kitchen work efficiency. Naturally, the large kitchen sink allows you to keep necessary utensils therefore you can use your required one when needed.

Moreover, the sink depth (the distance from the surface to the bottom of the sink) is another point needed to consider prior to buying. As you need to keep your dirty or used utensils in the sink to clean, here the good depth allows you to keep more as well as big items.

Kitchen sinks depth typically is found 6 to 12 inches. You need to select the sink depth depending on your height otherwise you may feel uncomfortable.

Note that undermount sinks will be more than 1.5 inches lower than a top-mounted. However, the sink width comes in various sizes like 29, 33, 44, and 45 and so on inches. Note: Before installing make sure there’s enough clearance on all sides of the sink underneath the countertop.


What is the most durable kitchen sink?

Among the various types of kitchen sinks, stainless steel offers long term durability, so it gains more popularity in this arena. Notably, the 16 to 18 gauge stainless steel make the sink sturdy and tough.

What is the latest trend in kitchen sinks?

There are various types of kitchen sinks and among them, the undermount sink is considered as a growing trend. This type of sink can be installed below the countertop and let you clean the countertop easily.

What is the best thickness for a stainless steel sink?

If you are looking for a better quality stainless steel kitchen sink, you will find the 18 gauge stainless steel. This stainless steel is 0.0500 inches in thickness. However, the 16 gauge stainless steel is typically used to make luxury sinks; here the thickness is 0.0625 inches.

What is the easiest kitchen sink to keep clean?

Kitchen sink buyers typically look for a sink that has an easy to clean feature. The material that offers the cleaning-friendly feature is stainless steel. Due to its non-porous characteristic, it is considered stain-free and doesn’t hold food debris.

How long do porcelain sinks last?

Porcelain sinks will last for 25 to 30 years or more. On the other hand, a stainless steel sink will serve you 15 to 30 years.

Final Thought

As you may know, preparing meals becomes tough without having a suitable kitchen sink. That’s why here you don’t find any chance to compromise with the quality. Quality means a lot herein like durability, cleaning-friendly, sound-absorption feature, and so on.

Kohler manufactures various types of kitchen sinks and it already gains global acceptance and trust. Hopefully, our discussed Kohler prolific sink reviews will give you enough ideas of its popular products.

Hope you enjoyed the Kohler Prolific Sink Reviews. If you really like this one please share it with your friends. If you think this article will help you.

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