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kohler k 6427 review

Kohler k 6427 Review (An Undermount Double Bowl Sink)

The kitchen is the most important part of the house for everyone. Most people judge one’s house by its’ kitchen. And a kitchen isn’t perfect without a perfect kitchen sink.

Kohler K 6427 Review will help you know about some basic features and special features of the product so that you can choose the excellent sink for your perfect kitchen.

Kohler K 6427 is made with cast iron which makes it both strong and safe for your health.

Kohler k 6427: Review of 2020

The shape of the sink is rectangular so it helps you clean the dishes easily. Kohler k 6427 can be installed on any surface.

It has a 9-inch deep bowl that gives you the advantage of hold large pots and pans and washes them easily.

It is black in color which will add a different flavor in your kitchen room. There is no faucet hole which makes it last longer and stays clean for a long time.


  • Large Size cabinet place
  • No Faucet Holes
  • Deep bowl
  • Easy installation


  • Too heavy


Features of Kohler K 6427 are described below:


Kohler K 6427 is made with cast iron that makes it different from other kitchen sinks in the market and makes it strong enough to last long.

This will last long but it may be not able to protect from the dent.

Designed to Last

Kohler K 6427 cast iron kitchen sinks are so durable that it will save itself from not to chip, crack or burn. So you will not have to change it soon therefore it saves money and reduces worry.

There is no need to change the sink from time to time anymore.


It is exceptionally resistant to food-based stains and easy to clean with just a soft sponge because its’ enameled cast iron has an incredibly smooth, non-porous surface.

You don’t have to use any abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals. You just have to rinse and wipe, and the sink is clean. It is that easy.


You can safely leave your hottest roasters or cooking sheets to soak in the sink without a single bit of tense as it has an ultra-thick enamel surface that resists heat to more than 1000° F.

Made from Recycled Materials

Kohler believes that making environmentally responsible choices is just as important as inspired design or innovative technology.

And so, their sinks are crafted in Kohler, Wisconsin using 80% recycled or reclaimed content. If you choose this product then you are participating in saving the world.

Final Verdict

There are many types and features kitchen sink available in the market. You can easily choose between them if you have enough knowledge. Hopefully, this Kohler k 6427 review would help you to gather that knowledge.

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