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How to unclog kitchen sink

How to Unclog Kitchen Sink [6 Steps Process]

The thing every individual faces when it comes to kitchen sinks of any kinds is sometimes it gets blocked terribly. And we all know the suffering of a sink that is not working in a house.

The overall tasks of a kitchen get affected by an out of order sink. Because we all know that the sink is probably the most integral part of a kitchen.

Regardless of its materials shape size or design, a kitchen sink can get blocked any time due to so several reasons.

No matters how expensive or high-end brand you choose for your kitchen sink to be, you might face the crucial time where you find your kitchen sink blocked for good.

How to Unclog Kitchen Sinks – Step by Step Guide

First, determine what caused your kitchen sink to clog like the way it did.

Step – 01

Determining the reason for the clogging helps to decide the method of unclogging it much quicker. For example, the sink is clogged due to grease buildup below the sink surface, you can use the common method like boiling water therapy.

This should be helpful if your sink is not fully clogged that is if the stuff in your sink is moving slowly.

Hot water will melt the greas3 and let water flow regularly as before hopefully.

Step – 02

Another method to clear up clogs in your sink that also includes boiling water is the baking soda and vinegar.

If your sink is clogged very badly and needs more than boiling water, vinegar and baking soda is probably the best solution you are searching for.

The chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar clears up gunk by melting them and then pouring hot boiling water over it will rinse everything off making your sink’s water flow smoothly again.

For this method, you need to first put some good amount of baking soda in your kitchen sinks drain and then pour some of the vinegar until you see some fizz happening.

Then you need to pour hot boiling water over it. Wait for a few minutes for the whole chemical reaction to work properly resulting in a clean drain pipe.

After that turn on your regular tag water and hopefully, it will flow smoothly.

Step – 03

If you are facing an even more serious level of sink clogging issue, you might have to need to use the traditional tool used to unclog drains for decades is a good old plunge.

You need to force the clogged elements o the sink to move down as you run a plunge over your sink.

This way is useful when you are facing excessively clogged drains due to food particles or bigger food parts other than just plain grease.

Step – 04

Another option is the cleaning rod or pipe method. There are different shapes and sizes of cleaning pipes also known as the drain snakes.

These flexible rods are used to clear up gunk that might be causing your sink to clog by pushing it down the drain. It a manual way of cleaning and unclogging your drain.

It is also a tedious and time-consuming method if you have a good amount of clog in your drain.

But for a daily basis if you find water is not flowing in the speed it should have, you can take this tool and quickly remove the stuff that is coming in the way. This is a quick solution on a daily basis.

Step – 05

Many companies have to offer brands which are mainly helpful for water drainage problems.

These chemicals tend to meltdown the elements that are causing the sink to clog in a certain way and thus cleaning its way out of it.

These liquids create a chemical reaction with food particles that cause the drain to clog and melt them so that the drain gets free of those particles resulting in smooth water flow.

Many people choose this option as it is an easy and quick fix as well as enough effective.

But also there are people who find these chemicals too harsh to use on a daily basis and over something that comes in contact with food.

Still it a good option if you are looking for something easy and effective.

Step – 06

And lastly if you have tried all the above options and haven’t found any solution then your sink is blocked and you need a professional hand to help you with it.

Many companies today have professional plumbers that go door to door and offer help against money to clear up your sink.

If you can’t unclog your sink by yourself, this might be the solution you can use once in a while.

Live tutorial for how to unclog a kitchen sink

People use some common methods when it comes to kitchen sinks unclogging.

But in all cases the situation is not the same, so different clogging situations need different methods of unclogging.

In this discussion, we have a focus on some key things you need to know about unclogging your kitchen sink. Hopefully, you will find some benefits from this.

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