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How to Remove Scratches from Stainless Steel Sink

How to Remove Scratches from Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless steel is actually the famous material used in a mass of the kitchen items even sinks. Most of the kitchens have or once has a stainless kitchen sink to use.

Because of its versatility and easy maintenance, it has become the topmost material for kitchen sinks. But like any other sink material it has to be also taken care of.

As a kitchen sink is such an attribute of a kitchen that faces regular rough usage, this can tend to lose its shine if not taken of proper care.

The most common problem considering the stainless steel kitchen sinks lack of shine is its nature of catching scratches.

If not given proper attention small scratches can tend to build up regularly in your sink and ultimately lose the shine is supposed to provide.

Get Scratches out of a Stainless Steel Sink

In this discussion, we will try to give you some ideas of how you can remove scratches from stainless steel kitchen sinks.

Follow 6 – Steps:

Try to pick a kitchen sink that is of good quality stainless steel material. A sink that is made of good quality material has a lesser change to catch scratches.

Whereas, poor quality stainless steel sinks will eventually lose its shine by catching too many scratches even through minimal impacts.

So, choose a sink that is made out of good quality stainless steel material to avoid random scratches.

Method – 01

If you already got minor scratches in your sink then the first thing you can try is using a stainless steel cleaner. You can find this kind of cleaners in almost every retail shops.

This kind of cleaners works in different surfaces made of stainless steel including kitchen sinks. These cleaners have a tendency to cover up minor scratches on your kitchen sink.

Follow the instructions given with the cleaners properly as they are given, and hopefully, you can get rid of some of the little minor white lines that tend to ruin the whole look of the sink

Method – 02

Another way to clean your precious sink from minor scratches or marks is to use hot boiling water. You can use this method if you don’t want to use cleaners on your sink.

Again, this will not remove heavy scratches just the minor white lines that tend to hamper the finish and shine of your stainless sink.

Pour some boiling hot water on the affected area and rub it with some rough fiber cloths. Hopefully, you will retain the shine you were looking for.

Method – 03

Now, let’s come to heavier scratches. If you got some harsh moderate scratches on your kitchen sink then you might try the scuff pad method.

You can find scuff pads in your near retail hardware stores or supermarkets. Scuff pads come in different levels. The more the numbers the less fine it is.

It is mainly used to polish things. Analyze the depth of your sinks scratch and then choose the amount of harshness you want for the line to completely fade away.

More rough edge scuff pads are likely to remove more deep scratches. Yet again, these methods are not for too many deep scratches.

Pour hot water or more preferably stainless cleaners on the affected area and buff in a long linear motion.

Make sure that you buff according to the grains of the sink. You can observe the grains of your sink if you watch closely.

Buff up straight lines with the required scuff pad and hopefully you will get rid of those unwanted scratches.

Method – 04

For a deeper scratch, you can use a sanding block. Sanding blocks works as the same way as scuff pads do but sanding blocks are rougher than scuff pads.

Thus, they have the ability to remove deeper scratches. Work it with the same procedure as scuff pads. Start by using some of the stainless cleaners or boiling water.

Buff in sync with the grains of the stainless steel sink and then rinse it with plain boiling water. This will hopefully help you remove those moderate scratches from your sink and retain its shiny finish.

Method – 05

If you tried all the methods and couldn’t remove the marks or scratches from your sink then probably the scratches are too deep to be removed in such manual ways.

such cases you will probably require professional help. There are people who are professionally trained and equipped for this job and can remove the scratches from your precious kitchen sink in return of money.

If you find the marks on your sink difficult to remove, you can hire these people for professional help and a good quality finish on your sink.

Despite being most easily cleanable material for kitchen sinks, stainless kitchen sinks can often catch scratches due to regular use over time.

Hopefully, these methods will provide you some idea on how you can retain the shiny finish of your stainless steel kitchen sinks.


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