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How to Install Farmhouse Sink

Important 8 Steps for How to Install Farmhouse Sink. DIY Easiest Method Ever

A farmhouse sink is a deeper version of the kitchen sink which allows you to store more water for convenience as it has a deeper edge. Welcome to How to Install Farmhouse Sink guide. Trust me you are gonna love this super easy farm sink installation steps.

You can store more stuff at a time. Because of its deeper design. A farmhouse sink is also called an apron front sink. As there is no cabinet space in between you and the sink. So no fear of damaging your countertop with regular water exposure. Therefore you may also read this article as how to install apron farm sink.

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installing a  farmhouse sink is best installed through professional help.

But if you want to do it yourself then make sure that you follow the exact instructions given with the sink. But as you are here, This is the best steps for installing farmhouse sink.

Some companies offer free farmhouse sink installation  for the sinks or provide telephone or internet help for it.

How to Install Farmhouse Sink

If you chose to install your farmhouse sink all by yourself, go through the following points below for step by step farmhouse sink installation process.

Step – 01

  • Farmhouse sinks are meant to be heavy, so always keep another person to help you to pick it up with you.
  • Make sure you got all the necessary equipment ready to install before you start to work.
  • Carefully turn off your water line connection or it might cause trouble later.

Step – 02

  • Measure and mark where your sink will sit.
  • This prior measurement is very crucial as it determines the finishing of how your sink looks after installation. There is a template usually included with the sink.
  • It is given as an outline of your sink so that you can see where to put it sink.

Step – 03

  • If you got a sink before, you need to remove the drawers of that, a farmhouse or apron front sinks sometimes does not require drawers.
  • It needs a sturdy wood base. You need a very strong and sturdy base for your sink to sit underneath your cabinet.
  • Some people take professional help for it. Or you can do it by yourself by using good quality wood planks.
  • Put your template for reference. If there is no template included with your sink, place a large piece of paper over it and draw where the sink will sit.

Step – 04

  • The next step is you need to cut your cabinet according to the size of the sink.
  • Mostly these sinks are meant to be a few inches deeper than the kitchen cabinet. Make space for the sink in a way that doesn’t interfere with the drainage system and water line.
  • Place your template where you assume our sink will be. Mark the wood above the sink.
  • If your sink is the same measurement as your cabinet, you have the cut your cabinet around the sink’s measurement.

Step – 05

  • Next, you need to carefully observe the deepness of the cabinet space where the sink will be.
  • Cut a piece of hard paper according to the size. Now calculate the deepness of the sink.
  • Accumulate the result of the sinks depth and cabinets depth according to the depth you need or want.
  • Mark your desired depth on the cabinet wall leaving a half-inch gap. You can use a level here to accurately make your markings.

Here the Helpful Video to install the Farmhouse sink by self

Step – 06

  • On the rear side of the board or paper, you need to put some industrial-quality glue.
  • Stick the paper or board with the sidewall as if the boards top touches the line.
  • With the help of a wood screw, fix the board or paper with the side end of the cabinet. Do this for all of the sides.

Step – 07

  • Calculate the dimensions of the inside of the sink by subtracting a quarter-inch gap from each side.
  • According to these measurements cut half-inch-wide wood planks and allocate them to the previous board, you have fixed.
  • Carefully measure the place where the plumbing will be done. Keep a space on the wood planks for the plumbing tasks.
  • Find out the place of the sink drain and put some markings on that place.
  • Also, point the center of the drain on the wood plank. Now remove the wooden plank and make a hole where the plumbing tasks will be executed.

Note that the hole should be a bit bigger than the pipes. Put the pipes inside and see if it fits or not.

Step – 08

  • Put glue on the top of the sink, now screw in the wood planks. Now ask someone to help you to lift the sink and put it on the wood plank base.
  • Check if the fitting is ok or not. Check the taps and water lines properly for any kind of leakages or blocks.
  • Sometimes there is a need for use for some additional padding if the sink is not aligned with the cabinet properly.
  • But if it is already installed properly you may not need that.

Hope this “how to install a farmhouse sink” article has fixed your farm house sink. However, this writing will give you somewhat knowledge for installing a farmhouse kitchen sink properly and use it without any trouble.

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