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How to Clean Farmhouse Sink

Effective 7 Steps for How to Clean Farmhouse Sink

A good looking nice farmhouse sink can be the gem of your kitchen. So you need to take good care of it to maintain its beauty.

To extend the longevity and maintain the shine and finish of a good quality farmhouse sink, the foremost thing you can do is to focus on its cleaning process.

Usually, the material used in farmhouse sinks is porcelain or fireclay than does not only look extremely elegant and beautiful but also is easy to clean and less prone to stains and scratches than traditional stainless steel sinks.

Also, these one-piece build sinks do not have any joins or cracks where liquid food can seep through and make stains.

Yet, to maintain its elegant looks as long as possible, you have to clean it properly.

How to clean Farmhouse Sink

There are some factors you might have to keep in mind while cleaning your farmhouse or apron front sink.

These factors are discussed below for your convenience.

Go through these facts and hopefully they will turn our helpful in cleaning your sink and help them to remain squeaky clean.

Step – 01

First o all you need to clean your sink regularly.

Yes, it seems like the sink doesn’t need cleaning right now as its looks are attractive as always but, regular cleaning will help the sink to remain away from long term stains, yellowness, and germs.

So, regularly clean your sink after a particular duration of time.

Step – 02

Go for milder soaps and cleaning agents. Harsh chemicals lead to a damaged surface of your precious kitchen sink.

Find soaps and cleaning agents by carefully observing the label.

If there are any harmful and harsh chemicals like bleach and stuff, undoubtedly ignore this kind of product as these lead to long term damage the surface of the sink and hampering its shiny bright white look.

Choosing soap or cleaning agent, go for liquid ones rather than those which comes in powder form.

This will help to eliminate the very minor scratches that can cause because of low-quality particles.

Step – 03

For scrubbing your sink, always opt for soft cloth or very fine bristle high-quality brushes.

Don’t scrub your sink rigorously. If there is dried out the stain in your sink put some water and liquid soap and wait for the stain to soften.

Then take your regular sponge or washcloth and gently scrub the dirt off.

Step – 04

As most of the farmhouse sinks come in whole rectangular size, there are stiff corners which can end up a bit difficult to clean, as food particles tend to gather up in corners of the sink.

In such cases, sometimes you might find the need to scrape off some dried out food particles from any part of the kitchen sink, including the corners.

My suggestion for this is, do not ever use a metal piece of utensil or tool to scrape it off.

Always use plastic tools and also follow the water soap stain softening procedure first.

That will make the stain come off easily without having to scrape too hard.

Step – 05

Choose a soft cotton fiber like cloth to wipe your sink.

Regularly wipe off your sink after dishwashing process to eliminate dried up watermarks on your precious sink.

Though watermarks can come off but regularly wiping off your sink will maintain its shine and prevent the watermarks from appearing.

Step – 06

To clean up crusted stains on your farmhouse kitchen sink, you might use baking soda.

Baking soda acts as a softening agent for crusted up stains and helps to remove those gunk easily without having to scrub or scrape off too harshly to remove stains.

Baking soda also helps to remove the yellowness of the sink in some places caused by a different type of foods spilling on it.

Baking soda can help to maintain the sparkly white kitchen sink you chose for your kitchen.

Step – 07

After every month or one and a half months, you can put a layer of wax on your farmhouse kitchen sink to enhance its smooth exterior that prevents food from sticking and enhance the ease of cleaning procedure.

Many sink companies have their own line of kitchen sink waxes to choose from.

You can use the wax that is marketed by the same owner as your sink.

There are professionals who do this job for you.

Putting wax on your sink can help your sink to remain scratchless or it can eliminate the appearance of any possible scratches.

So to maintain the beauty of your precious sink, you can take the help of wax.

Its an awesome video tutorial for cleaning your farmhouse sink


Hopefully, these words will be enough help for you to guide you towards the way of a neat and clean kitchen sink.

The above-mentioned points if followed properly should lead your way towards a squeaky clean and shiny white farmhouse kitchen sink.

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