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Best Fireclay Sinks

Best Fireclay Sinks Reviews – Top 7 of 2020

A home is best looking when its’ kitchen looks beautiful and the best way to make a kitchen gorgeous is to use marbles or granite cabinet.

Only a fireclay kitchen sink is the best match with a marble or granite cabinet. This article will help you choose from the best fireclay sinks for your kitchen to make it fabulous and be appraised by everyone.

The heart of the kitchen is its’ cabinet and kitchen sink. A fireclay sink is the best element for you to make your cabinet looks more appealing to everyone.

Fireclay sinks are made with the base material fireclay and it is blended in a high temperature to make it shiny and strong. Let’s have a look at some of the best fireclay kitchen sinks.

7 Best Fireclay Sinks: Comparision & Reviews

Comparison Table

01. Kraus KFR1-33GWH Turino Fireclay Sink

Kraus KFR1-33GWH Turino Sink is made with high-grade fireclay by Italians. Its ultra-fine material structure prevents cracking and crazing.

It is high glossed finished which makes it stain resistant. It is blended using advanced glazing technology and fired at high temperatures of 2300°F.

It is extra thick which makes it strong enough to resist impacts. Its enameled finish makes it scratches and stains proof. It is designed as a reversible that has a center drainage system.

Its single bowl is so spacious that you can easily wash your belongings and water will not get you. To give you an uninterrupted workspace and accommodation of large items like stockpots or baking sheets it offers you a deep bowl.

The solid color is colored all the way through to protect it from fading and discoloration.

Technical Specification:

Dimension:33×18.2×10 inches
Sink Weight:White
Sink Color:White
Sink Depth:10 Inches
Drain Type:Center Drain
Impact Resistant:Yes
Style of the sink:Modern
Sink Material:Fireclay
Installation:Apron Front
Number of Basins:01


  • Extra Deep bowl
  • Reversible
  • Impact-resistant
  • Glossy Finish
  • Center Drain


  • Glass Dishes May Break If Fall In The Sink


02. Ruvati 33 x 20 inch Fireclay Reversible Kitchen Sink

Ruvati 33 x 20 inch Fireclay Reversible Kitchen Sink is made in Italy with true fireclay at a temperature of 2900° Fahrenheit and so it is strong and durable.

The sink surface resists chips, abrasion or scratches. It is designed to reverse; one side is smooth and flat and the other side has a decorative fluted design. It has a large bowl of 30 inches wide and 20-inch front to back which allows you to place more of your belongings in the sink.

It is colored white. The sink walls are 1 (one) inch thick which makes it strong enough but lightweight.

This kitchen sink offers a central drainage system that prevents water pooling and always keep the bowl waterless so that you can wash your dishes fast.

Its rectangular shape makes it look so nice and gorgeous that it increases the beauty of the kitchen.

Technical Specification:

SPECIFICATIONSRuvati Fireclay Reversible Kitchen Sink
Dimension:20×33×10 inches
Size:33 inches
Sink Color:White
Sink Material:Fireclay


  • Stylish
  • Reversible Pattern
  • Large size


  • No Color Variation


03. BOCCHI Classico Apron Front Fireclay Sink

BOCCHI Classico Apron Front Fireclay is made with organic fine fireclay which makes it look nice and strong at a time. The size is 33 inch so it will fit in most of the cabinet nicely.

This sink is relatively lightweight than other fireclay sinks. It has a central drainage system so that water can’t make a pool in the sink. This sink is impact resistant and so you will have to worry less of chip, discoloration, scratch or strains.

It is a rectangular shape and traditional plain style sink which will give you the taste of tradition and will make the kitchen looks gorgeous.

Its’ non-porous surface provides unmatched stain resistance compared to matte stone or other composite materials.

Its lightweight feature makes it easily portable and it is also impact resistant which means your risk is reduced that it will be broken during the installation by dropping because of overweight or by any other impact.

Technical Specification:

SPECIFICATIONSBOCCHI Classico Apron Front Fireclay
Dimension:30×18×10 Inches
Sink Weight:76.8 Pounds
Sink Color:White
Impact Resistant?:Yes
Size:30 Inches
Sink Shape:Rectangular


  • Resist scratches
  • Center Drain
  • Large size


  • Traditional Style


04. LaToscana LTW2718W 27″ Fireclay Kitchen Sink

LaToscana LTW2718W 27″ Fireclay Sink is made with the finest fireclay and colored a marvelous white. It is compatible with waste disposal units.

It feels like featherweight for a kitchen sink comparing other fireclay sinks which makes it easy to carry. This sink is in the shape of rectangular which helps you to increase the beauty of your kitchen and will make you special among your friends.

LaToscana LTW2718W 27″ Sink has to be installed in apron front method. It has a central drainage system.

Unlike other kitchen sinks, it requires no extended flange. This kitchen sink ensures no overflow as it has a central drainage system that prevents water pooling.

As it is light weighted kitchen sink there is less risk of breaking by falling from hand during the installation process, but it can resist impact and both of these features will help you to relax and stop worrying about your fireclay sink. 


Technical Specification:

SPECIFICATIONSLaToscana LTW2718W 27″ Fireclay Kitchen Sink
Dimension:18×27×10 Inches
Sink Weight:80 Pounds
Drain Type:Center Drain
Sink Shape:Rectangular
Number of Basins:1


  • No Extended Flange
  • Center Drain
  • Deep Bowl
  • Compatible With Waste Disposal Unit


  • Relatively Small in Size


5. Lordear 33 Inch Fireclay Single Bowl Sink

Lordear 33 Inch Fireclay Single Bowl Sink is made with special white fireclay which is fired at a temperature of 2900 degrees. This kitchen sink is impact resistant o that the sink is safe from chips, abrasion or scratches.

This kitchen sink is in a rectangular shape and the installation method is apron-front. It has a central drainage system with a 3.5 inches drain opening.

Lordear 33 Inch Fireclay Single Bowl Sink’s depth is 8 inches which is much deeper than other kitchen sinks and this allows you to keep more dishes in the sink and wash them easily or keep them there for a while.

The 3.5 inches drainage opening kick away all the water so fast that water pooling is so far to think. The most interesting matter about his sink is it’s any side installation system.

You can install either side of the sink as front and back and both sides will match your cabinet and the kitchen.

Technical Specification:

SPECIFICATIONSLordear 33 Inch Fireclay Single Bowl Sink
Dimension:33×20×9 Inches
Weight:88 Pounds
Depth:8 Inches
Sink Shape:Rectangular Shape
Number of Basins:1


  • 8 Inch Deep
  • Large in Size
  • Bigger Drainage Hole
  • Center Drain


  • Single Bowl


06. Latoscana 33″ Reversible Fireclay sink

Latoscana 33″ Reversible sink is made in exclusive Italian design with the finest fireclay. It is rectangular in shape and has a central drainage system which has 3.5 inches of drainage opening.

Due to this wide drainage opening, there is no chance of water pooling and so it prevents overwhelming. It has a variety of installation options; such as flush mount, undermount or raised sink.

This kitchen sink is relatively heavy in weight but still, it prevents impact and also heats. This kitchen sink is colored white so that it can make your kitchen so gorgeous.

In general, you may find it easy to understand the front side of the sink but this sink will get you confused with its both side installation features. Both of sides of this sink are much beautiful and you have to choose between them to install.

Technical Specification:

SPECIFICATIONSLatoscana 33″ Reversible Fireclay sink
Dimension:33×18×10 Inches
Weight:85 Pounds
Sink Shape:Rectangular Shape
Number of Basins:1


  • Lightweight
  • Center Drain
  • Finest Fireclay
  • Large Size


  • Not Reversible


7. Whitehaus WHQDB332 Reversible Double Bowl Fireclay Sink

Whitehaus WHQDB332 reversible double bowl sink is a rectangular shaped white colored kitchen sink that is made with the finest of the fireclay.

It has two deep bowls with two different draining bowls and both the bowls’ drainage opening is 3.5 inches. This bowl is medium-weighted compared to its double bowl. The bowls are equal in size and depth.

This sink is finished on all sides. Its double bowl gives you the opportunity of diversifying your works and dishes. You can work in both bowls at a time as they have their separate drainage opening.

These deep bowls allow you more of dishes and you can keep them on priority or type basis. This sink is also a reversible sink so you can install any of the sides in front and back.

Technical Specification:

SPECIFICATIONSWhitehaus WHQDB332 Fireclay Sink
Dimension:33×20×10 Inches
Weight:90 Pounds
Usage of the sink:Indoor Only
Sink Shape:Rectangular


  • Double Bowl
  • Equal Bowl
  • Deep Bowl
  • 3.5 Inches Drainage Opening for Both Bowl


  • May Not Match Every Kitchen


Buying Guide: Things to consider before buying a fireclay sink

A fireclay sink is so delicate that you can’t replace it more and more. It may break down. So, before buying this sink for your kitchen you have to consider some important issues, these are listed below;


The fast and foremost important issue is to calculate the size you require and your kitchen will allow. If the size is not preferable for your use, it will increase your problem and if does not fit in the kitchen or doesn’t match with the kitchen size, you will be doomed.

Single or Double Bowl

How many bowls do you need to wash your dishes is the next important matter before buying the sink. If you want to clean all the dishes at a time you may need a single bowl. But if you don’t want to clean the dishes all at a time than you need a double bowl.

Drop-in or Undermount

In general fireclay sinks are undermount so there is no lip in the cabinet and there is less risk of an accident. There are drop-in sinks available in the market also.

You have to consider what is your choice. If you want to show the lip you should buy a drop-in sink and if you want to hide the lip for safety or other reason you should go for an under-mounted.

Don’t mix with cast iron

Many people mix fireclay sinks to cast iron sinks. Please don’t do that. This sink is way more different and delicate than cast iron sinks.


There are three types of shape of fireclay kitchen sinks available in the market. These are round sinks, rectangular sinks, and smaller prep sinks. You should justify which one is perfect for your cabinet and for you. The rectangular shape gives a larger space than the other shapes. But when it comes to showing off, round-shaped fireclay sinks are more beautiful.

Type of dish

Fireclay kitchen sinks are the way too hard for their material so the possibility of breaking your dishes if they fall is way higher than that of steel sinks.

If the maximum of your dishes is glass made, you should be more careful while washing them or you can add an extra layer of protection in the sink such as a steel made dish grid.

So, these are some important issues you should consider before the buying,


To flash your mentality and aristocracy you have to decorate your kitchen as you wish but perfectly. The best fireclay sink can give the best impression about your kitchen to anyone new to your home.

And these sinks are also able to relax the user. So if you choose to buy the sink for your home then you should not let anything stop you from buying the best one.

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