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Author - Bobby Auman

Bobby Auman

Founder, Sink Fair

My name is Bobby Auman, I’ve been working with kitchen products for the last few years and the work experience has made me an expert on the essentials of the kitchens. I have been researching different kinds of products of the kitchen as a part of my job, where I need to analyze each and every single aspect of the product with a view to find out the best of them.

I am Bobby Auman

Doing research over kitchen related stuff as it is a part of my job, that included mostly the sinks and the faucets as they are the most active part of the kitchen.

There are different types of materials and product segments that are enough to confuse any regular buyer at the time of purchase.

So, to ease it up a bit more I have started doing research over the quality and features of the products available in the market.

The purpose of making this site

The kitchen is a portion of any house that holds a specific appeal that no one has ever been able to deny.

But often it is seen that people focus so much on the other sides of the house like the garden, the drawing-room, the bedrooms, etc., but forgets to give them equal attention to their kitchen, though it is something that represents your organized personality more than any other phase of the house.

But where people go wrong is choosing the wrong products to decorate their kitchen. You might’ve been thinking, what is in it? After all, all we need to do get some utensils, a sink, some faucet and that’s it, the kitchen is ready. But the truth is, it is not the end of the story.

It is highly essential to get the kitchen decorated with the right product because the kitchen is the most active part of the whole house. But unfortunately, often people take the wrong decision while choosing sinks and faucets, as they don’t prioritize the importance of getting them in the long run.

So, I came up with the idea of this site so that I can ensure the proper guidance to the people with a view to lead them to the right and best of the products within their budget. Here, the guidance portion will include product details along with the aspect that one must consider at the time of making the final purchase.

In the row of hundreds of products out there it is quite a tricky part to find out the right one that will be the best-suited option from all the possible aspects. This is where I gave it a thought to guide people to the right products specially for the sinks and faucets as they are the most used portion of any kitchen.

My Aim

Aim of Author

Every year, thousands of people are planning to get their kitchen reshaped and getting some changes within one of the most important portions of the house which includes bringing some changes in the sink or changing the whole sink with a view to getting better service from it.

But among hundreds of products things are not as easy as it seems to find out the one that will suit your requirements perfectly. As there are different types of material that have made the decision more difficult than ever, as each material has its own pros and cons.

So, the mission of this initiative to create this site is to let people know about the complete information about the product so that they can check if it is the best option for them or not. If not, they easily can easily move to the next options.

It will not only save their time that they would’ve spent over the internet or market to check the products out but will also make it easy for them evaluate and compare to find out what they’ve actually been looking for.

How your suggestion is going to help me?

As you have a kitchen and you have your share of experience regarding the kitchen sinks, faucets, and another kitchen related stuff, you can help us with your opinion and suggestions that will make it easier for any of the mass users or people who are looking for some authentic opinion over a product.

That will not only make their task easier, which is making the final buying decision but will also get you the mental satisfaction of getting engaged to the bigger community that is meant to help people in this manner.

Get connected with me!

Thank you for stopping by and having a glance over the site. That will be a great honor if you could join our community and enrich it with your opinions. I am available on Facebook, Twitter. Pinterest and.

Please contact me for any Suggestions/ Advice.


Bobby Auman

Founder of Sink Fair