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Bobby Auman

You may have already heard the English phrase “Anything But The Sink”.

This says a lot about the importance of the sink and as it is used repeatedly on a daily basis, it is essential to choose a model that you will like to see and use constantly. But as easy it may seem to find the best farmhouse sink, it gets tricky. Because of the availability of a wide range of models, styles, and sizes one can get confused with the options.

I have prepared this guide and farmhouse sink reviews to help you choose the perfect one that suits you best! By the end of this article, you will not only get a list of a top-rated farmhouse sink but you will find some tips and tricks too.

10 Best Farmhouse Sink Reviews & Comparision


Our Top Pick
Kraus KHF200-33 Standart PRO Stainless...
Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33" Apron-front...
ZUHNE Stainless Steel Double Basin...
Kraus KHF203-36 Standart PRO Kitchen...
Ruvati 33" Apron-front Workstation...
BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 Classico Apron...
Sink Name
Kraus KHF200-33 Standart PRO Stainless...
Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33" Apron-front...
ZUHNE Stainless Steel Double Basin...
Kraus KHF203-36 Standart PRO Kitchen...
Ruvati 33" Apron-front Workstation...
BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 Classico Apron...
Our Top Pick
Kraus KHF200-33 Standart PRO Stainless...
Sink Name
Kraus KHF200-33 Standart PRO Stainless...
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Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33" Apron-front...
Sink Name
Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33" Apron-front...
Check more info
ZUHNE Stainless Steel Double Basin...
Sink Name
ZUHNE Stainless Steel Double Basin...
Check more info
Kraus KHF203-36 Standart PRO Kitchen...
Sink Name
Kraus KHF203-36 Standart PRO Kitchen...
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Ruvati 33" Apron-front Workstation...
Sink Name
Ruvati 33" Apron-front Workstation...
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BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 Classico Apron...
Sink Name
BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 Classico Apron...
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01. Kraus KHF200-33 33-inch – Top Rated Farmhouse Sink

This sink has a modern and refined design that matches almost any type of farmhouse. It is a sink with reduced dimensions, ideal to meet the needs of those who do not have much space but still want an elegant kitchen.

The harmonious combination between sink and drainer is well done and both have ample space to handle your crockery in comfort.

The construction of this Kraus KHF200-33 sink is state of the art. This material, stainless steel, in addition to being very resistant to shocks and scratches, is treated with a special process that makes it absorb the excess noise and make it quite.

In addition, the sink will preserve its original color over time without fading which makes it one of the best stainless steel farmhouse sink.


  • The construction of this sink can absorb sound to make it less noisy.
  • The design and shape make cleaning the dishes easy.
  • Blends well and gives an appearance in line with the times in the kitchen area.
  • Ideal for small areas where you can have adequate space with which to treat food, pots, and dishes, before and after lunch.


  • Those who are looking for a product that takes up little and costs less, may not like the final price of the object.


02. Ruvati 33-inch – Cheapest Farmhouse Sink

Ruvati 33-inch is one cheap farmhouse sink. It is very refined and modern, which will give a touch of elegance to your environment.

The sink top is composed of a basin and a half basin like a workstation. A wooden chop board is there to allow you to do small cutting jobs quickly.

The material of the sink is stainless steel, very resistant to impacts, scratches and high temperatures, so you will not run the risk of ruining the surface by pouring over too hot liquids or accidentally dropping an object.

It is easy to clean and can be easily sanitized to be safe from microbes and bacteria.

The model offers a roll-up dish drying rack which is made of stainless steel also.


  • Ideal for kitchens with a minimalist look and a touch of contemporary austerity.
  • Able to offer resistance and a good seal in case of bumps, scratches, and exposure to high temperatures.
  • A large tank to which another smaller one is added, makes the work of cleaning and washing of dishes a less tiring operation, separating the cutlery from other larger pieces.
  • A wooden chop board is also added to complete the workstation.


  • Those looking for a double sink may not be satisfied with the product in question.


03. Zuhne Turin 33 Inch – Cheap Farmhouse Sink

If you are looking for the best stainless steel yet cheap farmhouse sink for the kitchen that is resistant to scratches and chipping, ZUHNE Turin 33 Inch could be just right for you.

First of all, its main characteristic consists precisely in its solidity, thanks to the material of which it is composed, namely the “stainless steel” that gives the sink high resistance to impact and high temperatures.

ZUHNE Turin 33 Inch sink is very spacious and consists of two tanks, Grate Protector, Two Drain Strainers and Sink Caddy, so you can wash the dishes and perform all the work in a practical and comfortable way.

Apart from all the great features, there are some more notable characters. Let’s discover the other merits and some defects in the following notes:


  • The material i.e. stainlessness steel results in a sink that does not fear high temperatures and is well protected from bumps and scratches.
  • The siphon in the lower part is designed to limit the occupied space.
  • In addition to the double sink, in the package, there is no shortage of pipes and everything needed for fixing and placing the sink in the dedicated area.
  • Lifetime warranty is provided by the company.


  • Sometimes water stains are difficult to remove.


04. Kraus KHF203-36 36 inch – Best Farmhouse Sink for the Money

The quality of this Kraus KHF203-36 36 inch sink and its attractive price have really impressed everyone and made them positively surprised as a cheap farmhouse sink. You can also check this source for more cheap farm sink.

It has a 60/40 basin ratio and a very beneficial size which will allow you to place it in the most comfortable way depending on the layout of the kitchen.

This model is very satisfying with the ease with which it can be cleaned, thanks also to the supplied Excenter drain. As for the design, we are talking about a modern sink created with very resistant materials, ideal for a new apartment tastefully furnished.

16- gauge stainless steel ensures durability and resistance to any scratch, temperature or chipping.


  • Modern and elegant, the Kraus KHF203-36 36 inch sink is particularly suitable for those who care about their look even in the kitchen and are looking for a model that stands out from the crowd.
  • The possibility to mount it according to the kitchen layout makes it desirable.
  • The surface of the sink is very simple to clean.
  • Both the sinks are large enough, possible to cook and wash the dishes taking advantage of all the necessary space.


  • If not used and maintained properly, rusts start to form.


05. Ruvati 33″ Double Bowl 60/40 – Best Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink

Ruvati 33″ double bowl sink design combines the durability and quality of stainless steel with the classic and essential design that is well suited to any type of interior.

The workstation includes a wooden cutting board, stainless steel sink, roll up dish rack- in short, you get to do almost everything from cutting to cleaning.

By purchasing it you will be sure that it will withstand the passage of time as well as the high temperatures of the liquids that you will probably pour into it. It will keep the shape and shine for a long time, without making you regret having chosen it.

You will also enjoy a well-designed interior of this double bowl farmhouse sink that makes cleaning easier.

Don’t let it escape! Ruvati 33″ Double Bowl 60/40 – best stainless steel farmhouse sink is for us the best kitchen sink of 2020.


  • Very resistant in stainless steel
  • It will withstand the passage of time and high temperatures of liquids
  • It will keep the shape and shine for a long time
  • Well designed interior for easy cleaning
  • All-in-one structure with a fully functioning workstation
  • The caps are included and the instruction manual is sufficiently clear


  • Accessories aren’t necessarily as sturdy and durable as the sink.


06. Bocchi 1138-001-0120 – Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

Are you looking for a small but nice looking and above all resistant sink? BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 is the best choice.

Durable, refined and above all very easy to clean, you will also have drain plugs included. You will certainly find it large enough to be able to wash even the oven grills. It fits in the best way to any kitchen furniture, being the best against high temperatures, scratches or defects due to prolonged use over time.

Made with the best quality material which is enough to declare it as the best fireclay farmhouse sink of the present time. Furthermore, if you use sink care products, you can be sure that the sink will never lose its shine.

Compact, with a unique and modern design, this single bowl farmhouse sink fits perfectly in your kitchen cabinet. It has a bottom guard for safety.

Among the various models we have been able to examine, this is certainly among the most resistant sinks of this year.


  • Best super-resistant kitchen sink
  • Complete with the whole structure also with sub-floor, above-floor
  • Timeless style, in fireclays, fashionable even after the passing of the years
  • Roomy and strong even against high temperatures, scratches or defects due to prolonged use
  • Compact and with a unique and modern design
  • The drain plugs are also included
  • Food grade materials, safe for health.
  • The assembly is quite simple


  • Tends to watermarks
  • The price is quite high


07. Kohler Farmhouse Sink

The style you love is modern, minimal and in white color? Then the kitchen sink you need to choose is this ultra-modern KOHLER Whitehaven.

It is a built-in self-trimming kitchen sink, with a single tub and drainer. You can easily install it in any type of space, be it a tavern or outside. It is made of enameled cast iron, which is very easy to clean and the assembly is quite intuitive.

Why is it so popular for Farmhouse? Look at a glance.

All you have to do is install them on the sinks. Hygienic and definitely long-lasting, this will best fit any style you have in the kitchen. The best combination of aesthetics and functionality will thus be found. Moreover, given its extremely advantageous price and guaranteed quality, we are sure that you will want to choose it.

Made of Kohler enameled cast iron, it is slightly larger than normal which is good enough for 36” cabinet.

No matter what anyone says, this can be your dream farm sink!


  • Among the best kitchen sinks and ultra-modern
  • Equipped with a single tub and drip perfectly for any type of space
  • Made of durable materials i.e. enameled cast iron, easy to clean
  • Hygienic and definitely lasting
  • Slightly larger than normal
  • The depth is about 9 inches


  • Price is slightly higher


08. Logmey LMA3320 Luxury 33 Inch – Best Value

Do you have a smaller budget but do you care to buy a quality and lasting product? The Logmey LMA3320 Luxury 33 Inch sink is a truly economical one and one of the leading companies in the industry.

Characterized by German precision, this is equipped with a single 33-inch wide tank with a depth of 9 inches. Thanks to the strength and quality of stainless steel and the R shaped design you will be sure to be able to clean it without difficulty, keeping the surface extremely hygienic. Moreover, its classic style will remain fashionable for many years to come.

Unlike other sinks of the same type, the quantity, quality and price ratio is definitely higher.

Practical, comfortable and above all very simple to assemble, once received at home, all you have to do is follow the directions to fix it to the support surface. You can finally complete your kitchen with a really resistant product, different from others.

Don’t miss it! By choosing it you will have the certainty of having invested your money wisely!


  • Great farm sink for kitchen, handcrafted
  • Equipped with a single basin 33 inches wide and 9 in deep
  • It combines the strength and quality of stainless steel
  • It has a Retractable drain basket and drainage tablets included
  • It is a sink with a classic style
  • Resistant, silver-colored, different from the classic ones in resin, fiberglass or ceramic


  • There are no holes for the tap
  • It is a washbasin without fixing supports


09. MENSARJOR 33 x 20 Inches – best apron front sink

If you focus on a different style than usual and need a particular kitchen sink, made of stone, we recommend the MENSARJOR 33 x 20 Inches- one of the best apron sinks.

Its original design, silver-colored and brushed stainless steel finishes make it unique in its kind. It will surely be the icing on the cake in your kitchen, making it both beautiful to look at and functional. Comfortable, spacious and sufficiently large.

Created by one of the best farmhouse sink brands, this kitchen sink includes two large bowls of 60/40 ratio and drainer.

Among the sinks, it has a decidedly economic price compared to other models of the same level.

Among the kitchen sinks we have analyzed, this definitely has the best style and design, made with quality resin materials and timeless silver colors.


  • Among the best farmhouse kitchen sinks with an unmistakable style
  • Brushed stainless steel ensures resistance to bruises, scratches, and chipping
  • Made with resistant materials, it is equipped with two tanks with 60/40 ratio
  • Mechanized with such techniques to reduce noise or sound
  • Original design with finest finishes
  • Traditional 90-degree corner


  • The style is quite particular, so it may not match all the kitchens
  • Not suitable for kitchens with tight spaces


10. KOHLER K-6427-7 White Farmhouse Sink

The size of the sink is very important because it plays an important role in its practicality. KOHLER K-6427-7 Whitehaven farmhouse sink can be the ideal choice.

This sink has 2 tanks. This smartly divided sink is self-trimming and undermount. The bowls have a length of 35.9 inches and a depth of 9 inches. This is very convenient because it saves space. This sink comes with a low barrier which helps in washing larger things.

It adapts to all your decorative elements and enhances your room. With its quality finishes, this white farmhouse sink is a high-end product.

This material i.e. enameled cast iron is easy to maintain. It does not require a specific product or great know-how to keep its original state. To remove stains, simply use a damp, mild sponge. With the latter, limescale deposits are eliminated in a jiffy.


  • This KOHLER K-642 is a built-in sink specially designed for kitchens with a minimum 36 inches cabinet without compromising the extent of your workspace.
  • Awesome design.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, no need for extra maintenance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Larger bowls with a low barrier


  • Quite heavier and needs muscle to move

Editor Think

The choice of the #1 farmhouse sink should not be done lightly since it is one of the elements that are very useful to you every day.

Above all, it must meet the criteria of practicality. Also, the sinks mentioned above are not only suitable for farmhouse or as best apron sinks but also useful for any house for everyday use.

Moreover, they last long and comes with a lot of benefits. Unfortunately in the abundance of brands and products finding the sink may seem a little hard but we are here to help.

Hopefully, our top farmhouse sink review addresses some important features to analyze before you buy one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me some advice so that my sink stays as good as new?

Answer: Clean it regularly with warm water, detergent, and a sponge. Rinse the sink thoroughly and dry it by wiping it.

Stubborn soiling and discoloration can be removed with a stainless steel cleaner, or with a non-abrasive cleaning emulsion. Always rub in the direction of the surface texture, rinse thoroughly, then dry the sink while wiping.

To preserve its luster, put some mineral oil on a soft cloth. Apply evenly over the entire surface of the sink, then polish the surface until the sink has regained its luster.

What is the difference between a sink to be recessed from below and to install from the top?

Answer: A sink to be installed from the top has a rim that rests on the cutout of the worktop. A built-in undermount sink is installed in the worktop by means of specific fasteners so that the polished edge of the granite worktop, marble, etc.

Remains visible above the sink. The cut-out for the undermount sink is more difficult to make than for a top-mounted sink. For this reason, sinks to be mounted from below are more expensive options.

Do Farmhouse sinks withstand extreme temperatures?

Answer: Farmhouse sink is particularly resistant to very high and low temperatures, as well as sudden changes in temperature.

This means that you can pour the boiling water from the pasta into the sink, and then immediately put it under cold water, without damaging the sink.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Farmhouse Sink

Over the years, the farmhouse sink has not undergone major transformations, but it has come a long way since the days when it was considered only for its functionality. These days, you can find farm sinks in many colors, shapes, and finishes.

Although it remains primarily a cleaning basin, some models of the sinks even include accessories, colanders and cutting boards.

Why choosing a farmhouse sink?

You might think among all the types of why the farmhouse sink is suggested! Well because –

  • Unlike other normal sinks, these farm sinks are much deeper and larger in size.
  • Because of the lack of cabinet and countertop, you can easily work on the sink without bending.
  • You can wash or use large pots easily, they fit without any problem.
  • They come in various sizes, shapes, and designs to make the interior more attractive.

The material

We do a lot of things in your kitchen sink. Apart from the dishes, we use the sink very often. That’s why you have to choose a good material to be durable and efficient.

Among the offers on the market, there are sinks built with stainless steel, which is best suited for that matter, in smooth stainless steel and black glass, ceramic, granite, stone, resin, sandstone, etc.

The important thing is to choose a robust material resistant to corrosion and easy to maintain for your barn sink.

Other more ingenious manufacturers have also designed sinks with materials that offer noise reduction. Indeed, the noise of some kitchen utensils can be annoying in contact with the sink.

Sometimes, too, the sound of running tap water can be annoying, so a sink of this kind can be very beneficial.

Dimension and installation

As a sink is first asked to be practical, you need to think about size and format. The more space you have, the easier you can work. The evaluation of the template can also help you to facilitate the installation or replacement of your sink.

Regarding the installation, you have several possibilities. While some can be laid easily, others need fixings. It is also necessary to take into account the evacuation of water and the connections of the piping.

You can also have a built-in kitchen sink, whether in a cabinet or under a sink. Everything is allowed as long as you deploy your creativity.


You can also make your choice based on the sink shape you like and the number of bins you want. In addition, many styles are available on the market.

You can find corner sinks, sinks without drainers, recessed in a worktop, etc. Do not hesitate to ask for advice from an expert if you have doubts.

The design takes a prominent place in the field of interior design. We must, therefore, opt for a modern form, classic or other depending on the aspirations, but must be compatible with the decor.


Who doesn’t want the cheapest farmhouse sink but remember low price means low quality. So you have to make a balance between price and quality. All you need to do is find the perfect farmhouse sink for money.

The types of farmhouse sink basins

Farmhouse sinks are essentially divided into three categories:

The simple sink – Single Basin

Single basin sink for farmhouse

This is by far the most conventional farm sink type. Tried, tested and approved, the simple sink is wide and open, which is convenient for washing large plates just like pots and pans.

Single sinks are often deeper than other models, making them even more functional. For kitchens where space, especially counter space, is a problem, single sinks are a good option.

Indeed, they tend to take up less space. Nevertheless, if you have a lot of space, a simple sink is a perfect choice if you need an extra sink or even to dip large containers or pans.

Double sink

Double basin sink for farmhouse

The double bowl sink is certainly a more elegant option in terms of design, which is why it is usually found in homes with renovated kitchens that tend to evoke a contemporary atmosphere.

The double basin allows you to use each basin separately at the same time, soaking dishes on one side and rinsing food on the other. Because of the separation between the two sinks, you will have a physical distinction between what you do on one side and the other.

In some cases, you will find a double sink whose each compartment is narrower than the other. Usually, these sinks are divided into 50/50, 60/40 and 70/30 configurations.

Triple sink

This is easily the widest style because it occupies most of the room. Very similar to the double sink in terms of design, its main difference with the latter is the presence of a small basin located between the two main basins and used for cleaning and preparation.

The small preparation sink can also be used as a place to place accessories such as a cutting plant or strainer. On average, these sinks are very wide, that is to say about 60 inches wide. As a result, they are only suitable for kitchens with ample countertops.

Materials for different types of sink

Choosing the right sink material can be complicated considering all the options that are available on the market. It is important to first consider the purpose for which the sink is intended: are you going to prepare food on a daily basis, do you often alternate between hot and cold water?

Stainless steel

Stainless steel material for farmhouse sink

Stainless steel is certainly one of those, if not the one that has the most common finish for kitchen sinks and appliances in this room. The stainless steel kitchen sinks are lightweight, depending on their gauge (measure the thickness of the steel).

So, the higher the gauge, the thinner the steel. Popular for its exceptional longevity, a stainless steel sink can handle the blows as it is very tough and durable.

Choosing a brushed finish for your kitchen sink will help make scratches and water stains unclear. The only real drawback to this material is the sound that can occur when things are deposited in the sink. Sink bottom mats can be installed to avoid this inconvenience.


Copper material for farmhouse sink

Copper is a good option for those looking for something out of the ordinary. Less common than other materials, copper offers a lot of charm, while being very resistant to rust and endowed with antimicrobial properties.

This is obviously due to the purity of copper, so you should aim to purchase a sink containing at least 99% copper to which a small amount of zinc is added to increase durability.

Another major benefit is the ease with which it can be maintained and cleaned, a process that requires only a sponge and soap.


Granite material for farmhouse sink

Granite remains a very popular kitchen material and the same can be said for sinks made from it. While not the most prominent feature in the kitchen, these sinks are extremely durable. They are indeed resistant to scratches, stains, and heat.

Composite granite is also a good option for those with a smaller budget. Often the result of a mixture of granite and quartz particles combined with resin to bind them, this compound performs exceptionally well in kitchens.

The result is a sink material that is resistant to stains, scratches, and chips while having sound-absorbing properties.


Fireclay material for farmhouse sink

Fire clay is a good option for those who are looking for a highly durable kitchen sink material that is also highly customizable. The refractory clay is heated to an extremely high temperature, which makes it very resistant to natural aging which could cause chipping and scratching in normal times.

It is also a non-porous material, which means keeping the sink clean is very simple; you will only need a little dish soap and a sponge.

Cast iron

Cast iron material for farmhouse sink

The enameled cast iron sinks are covered with enamel, usually, porcelain, making them very heavy sinks, but also sturdy. Therefore, it is important to ensure that cabinets and countertop structure can support the additional weight.

Molded cast iron sinks can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Celsius all with sound-absorbing qualities. If you are looking for a white sink, this might be the right choice for you, although it is available in other colors, white is by far the most popular.

What accessories to select to complete the sink?

The sink is no longer limited to a simple tank: come graft multiple integrated accessories or optional. A basket bung equipped with a filter retains the waste likely to plug the siphon.

The automatic emptying, ensured by a control located near the faucet avoids dipping the hands in the dirty water.

The drip tray is meanwhile clever: reversible, it fits one side or the other; mobile, it settles over the ferry; it can also be turned into a dish rack, convenient for vegetables or fruits and products to defrost.

A wire basket is also very useful for drying small crockery or cutlery. Finally, a sliding cutting board covering the sink when not in use can serve as a complementary preparation plan.


In the End of Our Review,

Choosing the best farmhouse sink is the first major step in the process of developing the look that your next kitchen will have. With all the options mentioned above, there is no doubt that your decision will take a lot of time and thought.

Always remember that with this type of work, it is essential to consult a certified contractor to ensure you have the best advice and installation possible.


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